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"Here!" is a multidisciplinary exhibition that displays work from a variety of sources: recent graduates from Baltimore School for the Arts, Carver School for Arts and Technology, and other independent, emerging, and established artists in Baltimore. This grouping of artists from the Baltimore area is an attempt to engage artists and audiences beyond the barriers that exist within the arts community in regards to location and age. In conversation with one another, the pieces on display explore content that is essential to the identities, experiences, and lives of the artists. 

Here! was Platform’s final exhibition
Curated by Markele Cullins and Malcolm Peacock

Featured Artists: Suldano Abdiruhman, Lauren Adams, Kenneth Bland, Makhai Fahie, Omar Harris, Mecca Lewis, Natalie Mallinoff, Gregory Miller, Haley Parsley, Erin Phillips, Sariyah Wilson

Performances: Lynn Hunter

Photography: Diamond Dixon


Markele Cullins // Baltimore, MD